With a Vision To Boost Adoption Of Cryptocurrency Vexa Global Brings New Platform to Provide Blockchain Services

Blockchain technology is scaling newer heights of success at an unbelievably fast pace and Vexa Global, a Tallinn based cryptocurrency and technology company aims to provide innovators and technology enthusiasts around the world with an all in one solutions platform to get their innovations to the next level.

TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2019 / Technology innovations based on blockchain ecosystem are emerging at a faster pace. In this blockchain era, Vexa Global, a platform created by Thomas Alvec enables blockchain services to facilitate faster integration of the IoT and introduces a range of prospects for business entities, commercial organisations and individuals; to help them accelerate development and marketing.

Vexa Global is a team of specialists in IT, cryptocurrency trading and modern technologies. Their team has been involved in various ICO projects, building blockchain infrastructure, designing software for ATMs, cryptocurrency exchanges. The team always focuses on global analysis, solid research and modern technologies that give them unique opportunities that allow them to better anticipate risks and create fantastic results, thus protecting their client’s wallets from any risk. The company offers various products such as crypto ATM with state of the art hardware, cryptocurrency exchanges solutions and payment system.

One of the important visions of Vexa Global is to construct a bigger ATM infrastructure for exchanging (buying and selling) of bitcoin and several other top cryptocurrencies. Each ATM they make will have advanced features such as safe with additional safety measures, banknote recycler, different types of banknote cassettes, mulitple languages, camera and fingerprint scanner, etc. More info about the ATMs can be found at – https://vgpartner.eu. VG Partner is an expert center for bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and fin-tech solutions with locations in the Estonia and United States. We believe that Bitcoin and blockchain technology will essentially change how society interacts in the years to come. The firm’s mission is to make Bitcoin and other digtial currencies and the underlying technology easily accessible to the world.

VG Partner is providing a wide range of solutions for cryptocurrency and traditional payment and self-service projects. The success of VG Partner is based on cooperation and development of foreign markets by offering products that are in high-demand and competitive in the European Union, the CIS, Asia, South America, and Africa. The strong growth of the company is tightly related to the steady increase of the cryptocurrency market of worldwide.

The vision of Vexa Global also involves:

· Development of a top digital currency exchange https://vg.exchange
· Creation of a digital currency ecosystem with a native currency
· Helping the creation of new startups in the IT industry
· Vexa Global foundation to fight against ocean pollution and rescue of endangered marine species
· Spreading awareness of blockchain technology through education programs
· Creating and implementing a revolutionary payment system around the world using cryptocurrencies.
· Creating large events for enthusiasts of digital currencies and modern technologies.

Vexa Global’s chief executive officer Thomas Alvec has been widely known for helping one of the largest companies to introduce one of the early ATMs three years ago to help people buy and sell bitcoins in the United States. With a team of dozens of engineers, marketing specialists and experienced traders Vexa Global intend to provide the entrepreneurs and businesses who are engaging in the industry to build smarter innovations in the blockchain. The company enables the blockchain ecosystem and the underlying technology to facilitate faster integration of the ‘internet of things’. The founder of the company had previously assisted with the creation of government projects for different countries implementing blockchain technology and contributing to the global adoption of blockchain technology.

About Vexa Global

Vexa Global is a Tallinn based IT enterprise founded in the year 2019. Thomas Alvec, with his passion to build innovations that apply intelligent technologies that ease complex solutions created the company by assigning a team of specialists in information technology, internet of things and experienced developers. Vexa Global currently employs dozens of developers, marketing specialists, and experienced traders; the team also has people who work remotely. The initiative intends to provide the entrepreneurs and businesses who are engaging in the industry to build smarter innovations as it can be challenging to understand what the actual benefits of blockchain solutions without having an experienced company to work with.

Over the years Global Partner LLC has been involved in various digital currency projects, building blockchain projects infrastructure, designing software for ATMs and cryptocurrency exchanges. The firm established its first office under the new brand Vexa Global in Europe in Estonia, Tallinn to provide services to its partners from Europe and Asia. In Vexa Global office there is a trading room, where the firm’s traders work from Monday to Friday along with a marketing department that is constantly working on new projects. Vexa Global works with a team of technology and finance hotheads. More details about the company can be found at: https://vexaglobal.com

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Name: Thomas Alvec
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Email: [email protected]
Website: https://vexaglobal.com

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