How Digital Businesses Can Improve Customer Experience

Digital businesses are completely reliant on public perception and customer reviews, especially if they do not have a physical location. A poor review can prove to be a PR nightmare for many firms and can lead to a huge loss of revenue. So, if you want to take the customer experience of your tech-savvy business one step further, here are some high-tech steps which you can take to both improve customer experience and boost your company’s efficiency.

1.   Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is at the core of customer experience, with most customers now expecting to receive their parcels a few days after their initial order, and one-day shipping becoming a priority for many people due to the short shipping times of large companies like Amazon. Perfecting your operational efficiency in terms of orders is vital if you want to prevent your customers asking for refunds or from posting bad reviews on your website. If you are struggling to cope with the number of orders that you are getting, you should consider hiring a product fulfillment company that can help your goods to reach customers in no time at all.

2.   Check-out Optimization

The next feature of your business that you need to make more efficient to boost the customer experience is your check-out process. If your check-out process is complicated or time-consuming it will put customers off ordering from you and Cart abandonment rates rocket. Digital businesses can combat this by offering multiple payment options, such as credit card and Paypal, and automating these, as well as allowing customers to login and save their bank details and addresses. 

3.   Web Customer Service Options

One feature that is often lacking in efficiency is customer service, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic, when brands are under more pressure than ever before to deal with customer complaints online. Digital businesses should consider providing their customers with a range of contact options that include email, voice calls, customer service forms, and social media messaging. This can help to spread out your customer queries and ensure that no customer is unable to get their message to you. If you cannot answer all of these queries in time, you can make your system more effective by outsourcing your customer service to a remote team.

4.   CRM Apps

Keeping track of your customers and understanding their decisions is paramount if you want to create a great customer experience online. In these cases, CRM applications can be incredibly useful to you. These apps can analyze large amounts of data and spot patterns which can help you to isolate any problems that are preventing your customers from having high satisfaction levels. They can also help you to look at historic customer interactions and to track current communications to make sure that each customer gets a quick response.

5.   Mobile-First

You can also improve the digital experience of your customers by offering customers multiple ways to access your products and your company. This will enable them to interact with you in a way that suits them. For instance, most companies now offer apps that allow customers to browse your goods straight from their mobile phone, from any location. These apps can be more functional than mobile website alternatives.

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