Keri Smith Learned How Toxic Corporate Life Could Be. She Vowed To Change It and Did Just That

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 3, 2021 / Keri Smith had to learn hard lessons in life very quickly. As the wife of a military member, she was left alone for a long time raising her two kids. Despite the difficulty of those years, she became very successful because of how they taught her to be resourceful and independent.

“Despite those difficult formative years, I was able to achieve some major goals. I scored my first writing job at age 19. I started multiple businesses by the age of 30. I had a successful blog at 31. I had my first six-figure income by 32. And by the age of 35, following a traumatic end to my marriage, I decided that I was ready to make my dreams of living in New York City become my reality, so I packed up and moved cross-country from California,” Keri explains.

After such a successful start to her life, Keri decided that it was time for a change. She got rid of most of her belongings and decided to travel the world. This is where she came up with the idea of her current company, The Digital Nomad Career Coach.

“After four years of traveling, living in 10 countries in four years, visiting 37 countries total, I left the comfort of a corporate position to pursue what had been my side gig for the past three years, running multiple businesses that all focus on my brand, The Wildfire Group Corporation. So many people ask me how they can live the lifestyle that I do but don’t know how to achieve their goals or shift their careers to the road,” Keri remarks. She realized her traveling experience, along with her 17 years in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment, would enable her to help others.

Her mission is, above all else, to help people. Keri realized that the trappings of normal corporate life could be difficult for many people. She herself had been suffering the health consequences of that kind of lifestyle. Her goal is to help people break free from that.

“Our combined vision is to provide resources to enable individuals and corporations to grow their empathy, understanding, knowledge, and support of diverse international cultures so that they can empower themselves on a personal level, to achieve lifestyle goals, and cultivate corporate growth, by providing an inclusive environment in the workplace, which leads to hiring innovative, forward-thinking, retainable talent.

It sounds crazy to leave the comfort of a corporate career, making multiple six figures and working remotely to launch multiple businesses. But really, the values and goals of each of my brands are all intertwined, so they all suit a common purpose – to grow empathy by understanding communication and perspectives, enabling empowerment through support, fostering culture through knowledge and education, providing customer services with listening and learning and helping to support small businesses and humanitarian efforts. People are my business,” Keri states.

Keri has a different mentality about business and about her competition. Unlike most, she embraces her competition because she thinks it should not be a dog-eat-dog world but rather a world where everyone can have a seat at the table.

“I feature small businesses on my partners and services page, even when some sell similar products. There’s room for everyone at the table. I think my openness to collaborate with other businesses helps to give me a broader audience, and I don’t need to question my own ethics when I go to sleep at night. I won’t compete with a giant company with mass-produced products. I prefer to help add another platform to support the small businesses, featuring handcrafted artisan products that are carefully curated,” Keri says.

Keri, despite having already made numerous successful businesses, still has more things planned for 2021. She just launched a new business to start off the year right.

“I am just launching my newest venture, The GOOD Sh*t Co, an E-Commerce Boutique where we focus on curating collections from small businesses and co-ops, some that donate portions of their sales to organizations such as The Planetary Society. Some of our products are Fair Trade Certified, made by indigenous communities around the world. We have products ranging from limited apparel collections, accessories, jewelry, home goods, wellness products, and gifts for him, her, and they,” Keri details.

To find out more about Keri, you can check her out on Instagram here and check out her website here.

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