Dimension Tips For IGTV And Instagram Vertical Videos

You are in the perfect place if you need to know about Instagram TV(IGTV) dimensions. 

Videos are a popular content-sharing feature in recent days. Above 80% of marketers on Instagram who used video content considered it an effective strategy to promote their products.

If you want to succeed on this platform, your video content should be interesting. Not only filming videos but fixing the video dimensions also matters in effective video making.

If you have used vertical dimension video content for Instagram stories, then it’s time to work it out on IGTV. Naturally, making HQ vertical video content with Instagram dimensions is not an easy thing. Let’s go to know everything about IGTV dimensions.

Instagram TV(IGTV) Dimensions

Let’s begin with the basics before jumping into the IGTV vertical video optimizing details. The following points are the most known tech specs and Instagram dimensions you want to know while starting IGTV:

  • Dimensions: A standard Instagram video dimension should be 1080*1350 pixels.
  • Length: You can record video content between 15seconds and ten minutes long. If you have a verified account on the platform, you can upload video content for up to sixty minutes.
  • Format: Video content should be in MP4 format.
  • Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio of minimum to maximum is 4:5 to 9:16.
  • File Size: 5.5GB for video content for an hour and a maximum of 650MB to ten-minute video content.

Most people struggle with the aspect ratio factor. If you record video contents on a smartphone, the default aspect ratio will be 9:16. So, you want to edit your video content before uploading to bring the correct Instagram dimensions.

Right IGTV Video Dimensions

Now, how will you bring the correct dimensions for your IGTV content? Yes, recording your content ideally is the first step you need to do. To get your aspect ratio right, you can follow few options:

  • Film vertical video contents in your mobile: Most mobiles automatically record video contents in the 16:8 aspect ratio. The easiest way to bring your Instagram TV dimension is to film on your mobile phones.
  • Camera rotation: If you need to bring digital camera quality, you could turn your camera to 90 degrees and do your best. Naturally, most DSLR cameras record in the 3:2 ratio. So, you want to edit to bring the correct IGTV dimensions.
  • Film and then edit: You can film video content whatever you want. Later, you can edit it through video editing software. Filming and editing your video content is easier than you think, so don’t mind spending more time post-production. 

Edit IGTV Video Dimensions

You must do some editing to your videos to bring them more perfect. There are many online free video editing software to get your video content perfect visibility to your audience. You just want to load a file into the free tool and adjust the terms according to your video needs. It may process for a few minutes, and the file will be ready for download. At last, you can click the export button to download your edited video content.

Edit Smartphone Video Dimensions

If you don’t have any cameras, laptops, no issues, you can still edit your IGTV video content using your mobile phones to get the right IGTV video dimension. All you want to do is install a good video editing app among the vast apps.

Open your app source and load your file into it. As said before, adjust some specs that you want and save them for future purposes. Export it once you have completed video editing. 

Boost Video Quality On Instagram

Besides aspect ratio, There are many other factors that influence content visibility. You need to optimize your video content before uploading to instagram so that you can increase IGTV likes to strengthen your brand profile and increase the watch hour of the content. It enables you to get your content on the instagram explore page. A few tricks to boost video quality includes:

  • Film your video contents with HQ cameras. Spend some to purchase better cameras.
  • Transfer video content files through Google Drive or Apple Airdrop to avoid compression.
  • Edit your entire video content before posting.

Move With Instagram Dimensions

Don’t forget that you could add links on IGTV content description to get an audience to your website, unlike Instagram feed. 

Once you have completed your video editing, make an attractive cover photo to your content to look perfect on Instagram’s Explore page too. Your video content cover photo won’t be altered after uploading, so make it right before posting. You need to have it in JPEG format, and the file size should be within 4MB.

Additional ways to optimize your post on IGTV include:

  • Fix a schedule to upload: Every person likes consistency whatever you upload on Instagram. So make sure to keep up a correct schedule to upload your Instagram content.
  • Bring special effects: Every Instagram user loves filters. You should take your video content to the next level by applying stunning effects like pop-ups and graphics to make your content strike out. Don’t get afraid to experiment with this to your content.
  • Promote your content: Create curiosity in your audience about your upcoming video content. Upload stunning pics from your video content on your profile to get audience attention towards your uploading contents.

Next Is Action

IGTV may be a new factor for every Instagram user, but it will play a significant role in growing the channel. If you need to know more to bring your video content perfect, you want to know the basics of vertical video. 

Bring your IGTV content more attractive to get vast fans and gain more trustability in your brand or business.

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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