Hiring, Commercial, Logistics, and Healthcare All Provided Under One Organization. This Is Sure Group.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2021 / Logistics are a difficult thing to master for any business. Entrepreneurs often come in with an idea that they are very good at, perhaps even an expert, but do not think about the coordination that often goes into creating a successful business. This is where Sure Group comes in to help businesses manage various aspects of logistics so that they can focus on crafting their business.

Sure Group is a specialist group of companies operating in the Recruitment, Logistics, Commercial and Healthcare sectors. Their unique approach offers a one-stop shop solution for businesses that have ongoing demands for recruitment and logistics requirements. The company is divided into four distinct companies that specialize in various areas that provide expertise that businesses need.

The first company is Sure Staffing. Many companies struggle with finding the right fit for their teams. Unfortunately, the wrong pick can completely cripple a company, so Sure Group is helping companies make smarter hiring decisions. With expert consultants in six different job sectors, they help connect employers with the right employees. This can help lead to business success and a good team that can function together.

What is particularly interesting about this company is that it takes the guesswork out of hiring practices. Sure Staffing knows how to find the red flags hidden within resumes and cover letters that people with less hiring experience may not pick up on. This saves companies many headaches and allows them to focus on business.

Sure Staffing has connected the right employees with the right employers with a high success rate. With people looking to go back to work after maybe losing their job during the pandemic, feeling dissatisfied with their work after a hard year, or whatever reason, there is a market for finding new talent everywhere, but without proper guidance, that may not be possible. This is why Sure Staffing seeks to help both employers and employees.

The other three companies are made up of Sure Logistics, Sure Commercial, and Sure Healthcare. Sure Logistics is a company consisting of 30 vehicles that focus on distribution, handling, storage, home delivery, and import and export. Finding a reliable delivery service can be difficult and risking your product being damaged can be very worrisome for a budding company. Sure Commercial is working with UK’s largest retail, pharmaceutical and logistics businesses across the country to provide assistance with commercial investments. Finally, their last company, Sure Healthcare, provides a reliable recruitment service that offers dependable permanent and temporary healthcare staffing solutions to a wide variety of clients across the UK.

Offering four services under one umbrella company was not an easy task for creator Charles Draper. He was first inspired to try something like Sure Group after learning about business in school and deciding to apply it to the real world. His goal is to help starting businesses, but also businesses that need a logistical bump to get themselves back moving after a difficult year.

Aged just 28, as the founder and managing director of the Sure Group, I transformed an innovative idea of earning some money to support my university studies, to a company with an annual turnover of over £10 million. I believe my story demonstrates what can be achieved through entrepreneurship, creativity, hard work and dedication. Having enrolled on a business management degree in Leeds at 21-years-old, I took a part-time job working in logistics. I was constantly thinking about how I could make more with the hours I had free. From there I decided to launch my first business in logistics recruitment,” Charles explains.

With so many more people to help, Sure Group is planning on expanding out further. To find out more about their future plans, check out their website here.


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