Next Level Marketing Now Accepting Crypto Currency as a Form of Payment

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 8, 2021 / The world continues to be driven by technological advances and innovations. One such area that has seen considerable innovation and evolution is in the financial realm. Today, the shift to digital currency is a virtual inevitability.

Cryptocurrencies bring with them clear advantages ranging from inclusion and accessibility to efficiency, speed, security and resiliency. Although the adoption of accepting cryptocurrency is on the rise, some industries have remained notably behind the curve, including the digital marketing industry.

For an industry thought to be on the bleeding edge of leveraging technology to yield results, few digital marketing agencies have made the leap to accept cryptocurrency for payment.

This quarter, Next Level Marketing is proud to announce that they now accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its entire suite of services.

Agile and Adaptive Business Practices

The digital marketing landscape is a fast-paced one, evolving at the literal speed of technology. According to Next Level Marketing, the industry is dominated by machine learning, big data analysis, competitive intelligence, AI (artificial intelligence) and algorithms. Those agencies that fail to adapt and master these elements are setting themselves up to fail, and worse yet, setting their clients up to fail.

As an agency that prides itself on innovation and implementing the latest technologies, Next Level Marketing is both agile and adaptive, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and demands of its clients.

This year, the technology company has applied these same principles to its payment systems, now capable of accepting cryptocurrency as payment for services rendered.

The Benefits of Paying with Cryptocurrency

Seamlessly Transfer Funds: Crypto payments make sending and/or transferring money simple and reliable, removing the barriers often found in traditional banking systems.

Low Fees: Wire transfers and credit card processors often eat up a significant portion of funds in transaction fees. With crypto, both buyers and sellers can take advantage of exceedingly low transaction fees, cutting out the traditional middlemen.

Money Without Borders: As a company serving clients globally, accepting payments from certain countries can pose challenges. From banking restrictions and accessibility, to security and privacy concerns, cryptocurrency is often a preferred solution.

Privacy: For the privacy-minded, paying with digital currency offers an additional layer of security and anonymity.

Secure Store of Value: Validated and encrypted on an official blockchain, cryptocurrency is a reliable and undeniable store of value.

Diversification: Many customers have their finances and funds diversified over both fiat and crypto markets. The move to accept these currencies enables them to maintain diversification without having to convert funds to fiat for payments.

Digital Marketing and Technology at Its Finest

As a full-service digital marketing firm, Next Level Marketing offers a range of performance-minded digital marketing services aimed at ensuring its clients earn an impressive ROI on any investment they make.

Having helped countless clients achieve unparalleled success. As the economy rebounds in the post-COVID era, NLM knows that now is the time for savvy businesses to invest in digital marketing.

With more consumers turning to online mediums for buying decisions and purchases, digital marketing is making a bigger impact than ever before on the bottom line of those businesses investing in digital channels.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization services from Next Level Marketing ensure that Miami-based clients are ‘on the digital map’, showing up for relevant searches made by prospective buyers on Google. According to NLM, “Over 80% of buying decisions, even for local in-person shopping, start with a Google search. It’s critical that a business shows up when and where their customers need them, or they risk losing that customer to a competitor who has invested in SEO.”

Always willing to put its good name on the line, NLM offers an incredible guarantee of ranking for 20+ search terms within a 3-month period or fees are waived until that milestone is achieved.

PPC Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services from NLM offer immediate results, incredible scale, and a solid return on investment. Localized targeting combined with expert ad copy and irresistible offers drives a reliable influx of clicks, traffic, leads and sales. Pay Per Click clients are guaranteed at minimum 3:1 return on investment within 1-2 months or management fees are waived.

Social Media Marketing

Next to Google, social media platforms are the second most frequented digital mediums online, presenting an incredible opportunity to connect and engage with prospective customers at scale. NLM helps local businesses leverage these platforms to their advantage, driving sales while keeping costs low.

The Next Level Marketing Difference

Next Level Marketing is one of the nation’s leading marketing firms, having a depth of experience backed by an impressive resume of results. Having worked with businesses ranging from local mom and pop operations, to multinational Fortune 500 companies, Next Level Marketing is agile, capable, and ready to tackle any challenge.

The full-service digital marketing agency specializes in the following industries: legal, healthcare, franchises, home services, Small/Medium businesses, e-commerce and Fortune 500 companies.

Those interested in exploring the agency’s services or in learning how NLM can help their business or brand are encouraged to reach out via their official website.

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