Small & Great, YMC Runs Like a Large Corporation

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 9, 2021 / Identifying a turnkey provider is a difficult task. For many companies, it is ideal to not have to look for various companies to do all of the things you need to get done. Having many suppliers is normal for many companies, however it can be a hassle if the companies selected are not aligned with how the client being served operates. This also adds another layer to executing work.

Many companies are looking to businesses like Young Management and Consulting (YMC). YMC is a small, certified disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) founded in 2015 – specializing in strategic project management and controls, sourcing/procurement, construction management, and software development services. YMC helps companies successfully minimize safety risks, reduce costs, enhance revenue, and increase profits while keeping their business objectives in mind. Whether it’s the need for turnkey solutions or staff augmentation for project management, project controls and construction management, YMC has the capacity to lead all of these various projects.

The YMC idea started when the team saw a need for extroverted technical professionals that understand the work, are able to communicate effectively, and have proven ability to be structured. Additionally, having experience working for large and small corporations, they understand where big and small companies miss the mark in regards to employee and customer centricity in their industry. This is where YMC fills the gap in markets where they serve.

In addition to their value add to customers, YMC was named a 2021 firm to look out for along with only nine other companies across the country. This is because they are a certified MBE that truly tries to understand the work and clients in their industry. Their structure and leadership also plays a hand in that development. They are structured like larger organizations yet agile like smaller companies, which helps make them more flexible while still offering the same bolstered services.

“We fit well as a direct or tier 2 supplier for many of our customers,” says Brandon Young, the founder of YMC.

Brandon has been pushing boundaries in his family becoming the first college student in his family. He worked for numerous corporations and founded YMC after thirteen years of this corporate work.

I had a crazy idea that I could change the world from the perspective of many that look like me with similar backgrounds as me. My ultimate goal and motivation is to help others. In life I have learned that there are those in communities that are less fortunate that need help and motivation. There are employees that are left out of growth opportunities because he/she do not fit the outdated HR models put in place by people who have left the workforce. For example many roles and rate of pay are weighted heavily on years of experience and age and less on whether or not the individual can actually perform the work. Lastly, there are corporations that need companies to be innovative to keep up with the rising demand for technology. We are motivated by our ability to help others no matter his/her social economic status,” Brandon Young explains.

YMC has many exciting opportunities coming up this year. You can find out more about them by checking out their website here.

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