Business Professional Wasseem Dirani Is Featured In Exclusive Online Interview

HAMILTON, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2021 / Experienced financial and tax consultant, Wasseem Dirani, is pleased to announce that he has been featured in an exclusive one-on-one interview to discuss his extensive professional success. As the founder and President of Taxes to Save, Wasseem helps clients navigate the financial landscape, providing them with the tools and resources needed to generate long-term growth.

Despite having a fruitful career in finance, Wasseem has also taken on several professional roles in various sectors, most notably, insurance, securities, and sales. Throughout the interview, Wasseem discusses his role as a consultant, claiming that he takes pride in helping individuals and businesses achieve their long-term goals.

“Helping others achieve their goals and helping people understand their businesses better really motivates me. Many of my clients are getting into business for the first time, and I’m helping them get out on their own and succeed.”

When asked for a piece of advice he has never forgotten, he claims that one should never underestimate the power of referral marketing:

“Ask for referrals. It’s the reason I don’t need to solicit for business. I try to explain that to people who come on board with me. I remind them that there were six other happy clients before they finally got to me. The power of the referral is something I try to pass on to others, so they know how important it is.”

He also discusses his current role models, the proudest day of his professional life, and how he maintains a solid work-life balance. As an experienced expert in his field, Wasseem provides some helpful advice for those considering a career in finance.

Access the full interview here.

About Wasseem Dirani

Wasseem Dirani is an experienced financial and tax consultant based out of Hamilton, Ontario. As the founder and President of Taxes to Save, Wasseem helps businesses strategize effective, long-term solutions to generate consistent growth. Valuing quality service and customer satisfaction, his team of experts has the knowledge and resources needed to ensure optimal results.

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