Joseph Verrico Discusses Game-Changing Influencer Marketing

SARASOTA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2021 / If you think influencer marketing is just for cosmetic brands, think again. Reputation expert Joseph Verrico says that influencers can be a valuable extension of any brand’s marketing, regardless of the industry.

Understanding The Influence

Although the term “influencer” originally came about celebrity, fashion, and the cosmetic industry, the concept is now much more far-reaching. Essentially, an influencer is a thought leader in any industry or niche. The influencer has created credibility among followers, and their opinion is valued.

The marketing power of individuals such as this does not necessarily lie in their ability to reach many people at once. It lies in their ability to reach the right people the first time. Joseph Verrico says that this is a game-changer in marketing.

Narrowing The Focus

In the last few decades, marketing campaigns have been pretty hit and miss, as much as marketers would hate to admit it. We could form all the focus groups we like and accumulate all the data in the world, but with platforms like radio, magazines, and television, you are still casting a pretty enormous net for very few fish. Enter the influencer.

Joseph Verrico points out that the most powerful part of using influencers is that you are 100% guaranteed to reach your audience when you align yourself with the right one. What other form of advertising gives you that guarantee? And the tighter your niche, the more valuable influencers, and their followers become, regardless of the size of their audience.

The Stats Don’t Lie

For every dollar spent on influencer marketing, you can expect to make $6,50 in return. That is one of the highest ROI’s in the marketing spectrum. In a study conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, We found influencer marketing to provide the fastest conversion rate of all online marketing methods.

Tap Into the Trust

Trust and credibility are vital when it comes to securing customers. If you are a relatively new brand, securing that trust from an audience that doesn’t know you can be a major challenge. The influencer has already built that trust, and they are already credible among those you wish to target. So all you need to do is tap into that, says Joseph Verrico.

Get Influenced

When Joseph Verrico helps individuals and businesses to build their reputations, one of the first areas of focus is alignment. Often, by aligning yourself with the right people and brands, you can 10X your business almost overnight. Influencer marketing is a game-changer, and it’s out there for the taking.


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