Friday, April 18, 2014
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Several major U.S. music companies sued Pandora Media Inc on Thursday, accusing the online streaming service of cheating them out of royalties by playing thousands of pre-1972 recordings without paying royalties. The lawsuit said, the music in question, from musicians such as the Beatles, Louis Armstrong, Marvin Gaye and Fleetwood Mac, is "some of the most iconic music in the world.
U.S. Music Labels Sue Pandora Over Royalties For Golden Oldies
The brains of artists aren't really left-brain or right-brain, but rather have extra neural matter in visual and motor control areas.  [READ MORE]
Kissing and telling leads to crying. While there's no idea if Lindsay Lohan 's reported sex list is the real deal, it does make the actress really upset in the finale promo for her OWN docu-series. In the two-hour conclusion of "Lindsay" , she talks about her struggle to stay sobersince the sneak peek features a sad starlet alcohol free and mopey with friends. But it also reveals that Lindsey will touch on the infamous In Touch magazine printed sex list , and she's beyond torn up about it!  [READ MORE]
Let's Relive Our Crush On The Lawrence Brothers
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Before Chris and Liam Hemsworth captured your attention, it was the Lawrence brothers who had stolen your heart. If you grew up in the '90s, chances are you had a pinup or five featuring Joey and Matthew Lawrence. From Joey's Blossom days to Matthew's Boy Meets World role to their adorable turn on Brotherly Love with little Andy, there were plenty of opportunities to crush on the Lawrence brothers. Now, with news of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel in the works, we're thinking about where the Mrs. Doubtfire cast is now, and we can't help but wonder whether Matthew will be reprising his role as Chris Hillard.  [READ MORE]
Matt Damon might be a long way from his home state of Massachusetts, but it's clear Boston will always be in his heart.  [READ MORE]
Tom Cruise is rumored to be dating fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon.  [READ MORE]
What's it like having Ryan Seacrest for a boss? Kate Simses of ABC's Mixology knows from real-life experience, since Ryan's an executive producer of the sitcom. In a recent visit to our New York studio, Kate spoke about having Ryan drop by their set and dished on what it's like shooting alongside nine young, fun actors. On Allie: Banana Republic shirt, Massimo Dutti blazer, and H&M skirt  [READ MORE]

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