Today’s Top Ten News Stories

1. Biden’s Record Fundraising: After a compelling State of the Union address, President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign announced raising $10 million in just 24 hours, setting a record for post-speech fundraising and highlighting the speech’s impact on supporters.

2. US Coast Guard on California Oil Sheen: The US Coast Guard reported no remaining recoverable oil sheen off the coast of Huntington Beach, California, indicating a positive environmental development and a successful containment of the spill.

3. Stratolaunch’s Hypersonic Vehicle Test: Stratolaunch successfully completed the first powered flight of its Talon-A reusable hypersonic vehicle, a significant milestone in the development of hypersonic flight technology.

4. Trump Campaign Funding Boost: Reports have emerged that packaging billionaires are set to back Donald Trump’s campaign financially, while Trump’s daughter-in-law secures a key position within the Republican party, signaling a consolidation of support for Trump’s electoral efforts.

5. Trump Posts Bond for Defamation Verdict: Former President Donald Trump has posted a $91.6 million bond related to the E. Jean Carroll defamation verdict, underlining the ongoing legal battles facing Trump.

6. Government Shutdown Averted: A new spending bill has been signed into law by President Biden, effectively averting a partial government shutdown, demonstrating the administration’s efforts to maintain government operations amid fiscal challenges .

7. Election 2024 Preparations: The political landscape is heating up with Nikki Haley initiating an ad buy in Super Tuesday states, amidst rising tensions and strategic moves by potential candidates for the 2024 presidential race.

8. US Military Actions in Haiti: In response to escalating security concerns, the US military has undertaken the evacuation of embassy personnel from Haiti, highlighting the deteriorating situation in the country and the US’s role in safeguarding its diplomats.

9. Portugal’s Shift to the Right: Preliminary election results in Portugal indicate a swing towards the centre-right, with the far-right also making significant gains, suggesting a change in the political landscape that could have broader implications for Europe.

10. Princess of Wales’ Public Message: Kate, the Princess of Wales, has issued her first public message since undergoing abdominal surgery in January. She expressed gratitude for the support received from the public, reflecting the royal family’s ongoing engagement with the public amid personal health challenges.

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