April 9th, 2024: Top News Stories Around The World:

1. Arizona’s Abortion Law: Arizona’s Supreme Court has allowed a near-total abortion ban from 1864 to go into effect, which has sparked considerable debate and concern.

2. UK Arms Sales to Israel: The UK government, under David Cameron, has decided not to block arms sales to Israel, despite increasing pressure due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

3. Gaza and Eid Celebrations: In Gaza, the Israeli offensive has overshadowed the preparations for Eid, affecting the mood and activities of Palestinian residents.

4. South Korea’s Parliamentary Elections: South Korea is holding closely fought parliamentary elections, with issues like doctors’ strikes, luxury goods, and rising onion prices taking center stage.

5. Germany at the ICJ: Germany has rejected allegations at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that it is aiding genocide in Gaza, clarifying that its arms exports to Israel primarily include non-lethal equipment.

6. Ceasefire Talks in Gaza: There’s a mix of hope and anger in Gaza as international talks to stop Israel’s military actions continue.

7. Crumbley School Shooting Case: In the United States, the parents of a school shooter have been convicted of manslaughter, raising questions about parental liability.

8. Champions League Football: Manchester City and Real Madrid played out a thrilling 3-3 draw in the first leg of their Champions League quarterfinal.

9. South Africa’s Political Developments: Former President Jacob Zuma has won a court bid allowing him to contest in the upcoming elections, marking a significant turn in South African politics.

10. Political Scandals in South Korea: The political scene in South Korea is heating up with scandals involving luxury goods like Dior bags influencing the upcoming elections.

11. Ireland’s New Prime Minister: Simon Harris has become Ireland’s youngest-ever prime minister, succeeding Leo Varadkar.

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